How we're working to keep our studio clean and our students safe:

At Char-Mar, we have always taken pride in creating a safe space for our dancers.  Now more than ever, we feel it’s important to share the steps we are taking to help keep our dancers safe and healthy. 

We will continue to follow CDC and WHO guidelines to create the safest space possible for our students and staff.  We ask that all parents maintain healthy habits and keep us updated on the status of their dancers and home environments.

Steps we’ve already taken:

 - We’ve installed UV lights in the AC vents to help sterilize circulating air.

 - We have one staff member cleaning high-traffic areas throughout the day.  

 - We deep-clean and sanitize the entire studio every morning and night.

 - Our staff members are wearing masks as frequently as possible.  


Our new studio policies:

 - Each dancer’s temperature will be taken upon entry to the studio using a no-touch thermometer. Any dancer who exhibits sneezing, coughing, runny nose, fever, or any other symptoms of illness will be sent home.

 - No street shoes will be permitted past the front door. 

 - Please refrain from bringing electronics and unnecessary items.

 - Upon entering the studio, all students will be required to wash their hands. 

 - Parents may walk their child to the front door but may not enter the studio.

 - Parents must set up appointments to speak with teachers and the studio owner in-person.

 - Although dancers are not required to wear masks, they are more than welcome to.  


For those who are looking for masks, our redbubble store is now selling some studio-spirited options!

For our summer programs, we ask that dancers bring all belongings in Ziplocs or other disposable plastic bags that can be easily wiped/sanitized.  All belongings must be marked with the dancer’s name.


For the 2020-2021 season, we plan to stagger class start and end times in order to lessen the number of students in the lobby area at one time.  Students may arrive a maximum of 10 minutes early and may leave a maximum of 10 minutes late.  Any student who arrives more than 10 minutes early or stays more than 10 minutes after class will be fined.